Q:  What is U-TAB7 and what is included with my U-TAB7 purchase?
U-TAB7 is a next-generation, multimedia tablet that was developed for inmates. It offers the following features:    
     • 32GB (Gigabytes)* total flash memory for content storage
        *Actual memory available for storage will vary.
     • 7 inch, color, multi-touch display screen
     • Rechargeable battery
     • Media Output Port for playing and watching your favorite movies, television shows and games on any ClearTunes® television
     • Accelerometer for playing games
     • Full screen zoom magnification
     • Includes the following accessories when purchased: USB to PIN Charging Cable, AC Power Adaptor, SD Card Reader, Instruction Guide, Limited Warranty Card and Terms of Use
Q:  What is a micro SD card?
Micro SD cards are tiny, digital chips containing your purchased Union Supply Media content. Every time you place a NEW media content order, Union Supply Media will send your inmate a NEW micro SD card to download the content onto U-TAB7. Depending on the size of your order, Union Supply Media will send one or more micro SD cards to accommodate your purchase.
After a single use, ALL micro SD cards wipe themselves completely clean of any content and cannot be used again. Inmates may not order media content for other inmates. Micro SD cards are locked and secured to only transfer media content to your registered U-TAB7 and can NOT be traded, shared, or reused.
Q: What is the micro SD card recycling program?
This program allows micro SD cards to be collected and recycled after a single use. Inmates are invited to locate the nearest recycling container in their living units for the return of used micro SD cards.
Q:  How do I place an order?
  You can ONLY place your order directly from this website
     • To begin, you must enter the Kentucky Inmate Identification Number
     • Select the correct facility where the inmate resides
     • To ensure that your package gets to your inmate, be sure to pick the correct facility in which the inmate is located and gender.
     • Make product selections and then go to checkout 
Q:  How do I know that items are acceptable at the facility?
We have taken the guess work out of shopping for you. The only items presented on the shopping pages are already approved by the Kentucky Department of Corrections so you can shop with the assurance that everything we make available has been pre-approved.
Q:  How much will I be charged for shipping and handling?
  FREE shipping on all U-TAB7, U-TAB7 accessories and Union Supply Media content orders. Union Supply Media content orders can be placed at any time and will ship separately or with an inmate’s regular property package order. Each media content order includes a standard handling fee of $5.95 for the micro SD card. Micro SD Card handling fees are non-refundable.
Q: What if I do not know the name of the correctional facility?
  It is very important that you choose the correct facility in which your inmate resides or your package will get refused.  If you are not sure of the facility name, we have included a helpful link to the Kentucky Department of Corrections website.  You can then review a map of the state which may help you confirm the correct facility. 
Q:  What if items in my order are out of stock?
  In the unlikely event that something is out of stock, we will notify you via the web when the item is again available for sale.
Q: What if something needs to be returned or is defective?
Media Returns: Inmates are required to check U-TAB7, U-TAB7 accessories and media content on micro SD cards upon receipt. If any of these items are found to be defective or damaged in shipping, the inmate must notify his or her Commissary Manager to arrange a return or exchange immediately. All products must come back to us directly from the facility. For security purposes, we cannot accept any products that have left the facility. An inmate must return products within 30 days. All original boxes and packing material are required on any returned goods. These goods will be repaired or replaced at no cost. All merchandise that was ordered in error, for any reason, can be exchanged for $5.00. All exchanges must be done within 30 days of purchase. Union Supply Direct and Union Supply Media are not responsible for refused items. Please ensure that the items you order are approved at your facility.
Due to the customizations made just for you, all media sales are final unless defective. There will be no refunds given for micro SD card handling fees or purchased media content. If any media content on micro SD card is defective, please have your inmate notify the Commissary Manager immediately and send the micro SD card back to Union Supply Direct and indicate which media content is defective or did not transfer properly.
U-TAB7 Returns and Limited Warranty: Union Supply Group, Inc., d/b/a Union Supply Media (“Union Supply”) warrants the above Product to the Original Purchaser ONLY, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use, for 180 days from the date of original purchase. This warranty DOES NOT COVER cosmetic damage, environmental damage (including without limitation moisture damage), Products showing evidence of tampering and/or open cases, cracked or scratched screens or cases, bundled accessories which were delivered with the Product, cables, head bands, ear-pads, ear-phones or damage due to software, power line surges, connection to improper power supply or settings, misuse, mishandling, improper applications, accident, acts of God, attempted repair by an unauthorized service agent, or any other factor outside of Union Supply’s direct control.  In addition, Union Supply shall have no liability to the extent a Product’s failure is caused by incompatibility with other components used by the Original Purchaser.  Union Supply’s sole and maximum liability under this Limited Warranty is, at Union Supply’s sole discretion during the warranty period, to repair or replace the defective parts of the Product, or the Product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally at least equivalent to those originally supplied.  UNION SUPPLY MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO SALES OR TRANSFERS OF PRODUCTS THROUGH UNAUTHORIZED CHANNELS.  PRODUCTS SOLD OR TRANSFERRED UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES ARE FURNISHED “AS IS” AND “WITH ALL FAULTS.” 
Union Supply Media does not offer repair services.  This Limited Warranty covers Product defects in materials and workmanship only, subject to all of the terms and conditions stated in this Limited Warranty. 
Union Supply Group will not accept 3rd party returns of any product. ALL product returns must ship directly from the inmate’s facility.
TO RETURN A DEFECTIVE U-TAB7 FOR WARRANTY SERVICE, a Commissary Manager must contact Union Supply’s Service Representative for a prepaid label. Union Supply Group will not accept any returns from friends and family. The unit and all required items must be in the original packaging, or a reasonable substitute to prevent damage, to the address on the prepaid shipping label. An inmate must include the following in the package:  (1)  A copy of your original receipt clearly showing inmate name and number and an original purchase date within the 180 day warranty period; (2) All of the accessories that came in the original packaging with the U-TAB7; (3) Full name, inmate number, facility name and physical address (no P.O. Boxes are accepted); and (4) If it is between 60 and 180 days from the date of original purchase, you must include a facility check payable to Union Supply Group, Inc., in the amount of $40.00 as a NON-REFUNDABLE administrative and processing fee.  Family and friends can pay for warranty returns and service by placing money on an inmate’s account. Please visit http://corrections.ky.gov to learn more about placing money on an inmate’s account. If the returned Product is found by Union Supply in its sole discretion not to be eligible for warranty service or if you do not meet requirements (1), (2), (3) and (4) above, then there will be no service and the Product may be returned to you in Union Supply’s sole discretion.  There is no warranty service after 180 days from the date of original purchase.
Q: Why are some of my favorite brands not available?
We carry a broad selection of products that meet the guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Corrections.  Many of your favorite brands may not be considered appropriate for use inside a correctional facility or may not meet the strict packaging requirements.  Please let us know however if you have an item that you would like us to carry and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Q:  What happens if the package is refused at the correctional facility?
Should the package be refused because of our error, we will correct the problem and reship the package to the inmate at no charge to you.  Should the package be refused for some other reason, we will provide a full refund to the person purchasing the order.  
Q:  Will I receive confirmation that the package was shipped? 
If you have provided an e-mail address, you will be notified when we have received your order and when the order is shipped. Please allow up to 2 weeks for an inmate to receive his or her order.  
Q:  How can I tell if my package has delivered to the facility?
You can find this information by two ways:  you can e-mail us at
support@unionsupplymedia.com  and we will reply to you via email within 24 hours or you can check the web using the sales order number provided on your confirmation.
Q:  Is there a toll-free number available to call?
Yes, you can contact customer service toll-free at (855)247-6087